About Marchesa by Lenox

May 16, 2014 marked the 125th anniversary of the Lenox brand. In 1889, founder Walter Scott Lenox had the confidence and passion to pursue his vision of creating "the finest American porcelain dinnerware" with a start-up company that operated for several years on a shoestring budget. In the early years, his persistence and determination led to the company's success. Demand for his unique and artistic American porcelain products steadily grew and, 125 years later, the Lenox brand continues to be the most trusted tabletop name in the U.S. market. Today, our bone china is still manufactured in the U.S., at our Kinston, North Carolina facility.

At Lenox, our core mission is to innovate, create and execute. Innovation is the lifeblood of our businesses — it drives new products, expansion into new product categories and improvement of our business processes. Innovation made Lenox a leader in the past and will remain the key for success in the future.

Lenox continues to push the envelope in the creation of unique, high-quality products and the development of more efficient and effective ways of conducting business. Our persistence and collective creative efforts are paving the way for great success.

Our innovative ideas and creative new products rely on masterful execution to deliver high-quality products and services into the marketplace on time and at competitive prices. A culture of continuous improvement is designed to ensure our position as the number one tabletop company in the U.S. market.

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