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In 1957, three friends in Brooklyn got together and formed a cutlery company they called REO Products. Their business philosophy was simple: create quality cooking tools everyone would have access to. As their idea caught on the company grew, and over the years the company became Lifetime Brands. In the early days of the company, one of the founding friends, Sam Siegel, would take his young son Jeff on sales calls with him. On these sales calls, Sam would take note of the less fortunate people he saw on the streets, and would invite them to have dinner with him and his son. This example of social responsibility stuck with Jeff and as the company grew from REO Products into Lifetime Brands, Jeff Siegel eventually became its CEO and carries that lesson forward to the next generation.

A memorable meal with family and friends doesn’t require gourmet foods or expensive kitchen tools. These times are about sharing memories and creating straightforward meals with simple ingredients. It’s about a quick Tuesday night dinner with your family. It’s about an impromptu weekend brunch because your closest friends came over unexpectedly. It’s about Reo.

Our vision is to create friendly products that fit into every kitchen. Extremely functional yet simple is the design philosophy driving each product. We believe in helping to create important meals in people’s lives. That’s why Reo has partnered with Why Hunger to provide nourishing meals in countries across the globe.

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