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Stainless Steel Flatware
Bistro Band  collection with 2 products
Bistro Band 2 products    
Decorative Accessories
Coastal Home collection with 13 products
Coastal Home 13 products    
Latana collection with 2 products
Latana 2 products    
Ricamo collection with 2 products
Ricamo 2 products    
English Garden collection with 10 products
English Garden 10 products Best Seller    
Everyday White ™ collection with 30 products
Everyday White ™ 5 Collections 30 products  
Toulouse collection with 27 products
Toulouse 27 products Best Seller    
Maddi collection with 9 products
Maddi 9 products    
Wildflower collection with 4 products
Wildflower 4 products    
Madeline collection with 13 products
Madeline 13 products    
Villa Palm collection with 4 products
Villa Palm 4 products    
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For half a century, the Fitz and Floyd hallmark has become synonymous with excellence in design, quality and style. From style-conscious homes to corporate boardrooms and royal palaces, the Fitz and Floyd look is easily recognized throughout America and much of the world.

Over the past 50 years, Fitz and Floyd has evolved into the undisputed ...... Read More