About Jars
Above all, Jars Brand of Stoneware from France would like the design to be invisible; to be gently evident; not to burden you with “things” that are more or less decorative.

On the contrary, Jars would like to offer you beautiful and useful objects that can softly enter one’s everyday life with poetry and can have an amazing relationship with you.

At Jars, creative stoneware design is enacted through a humbleness towards the ceramic profession and the clay. It is their desire for the day to express itself with the maximum of simplicity so that elegance and softness can develop as the soul of the object.

Jars Stoneware collects its raw materials from very specific locations and selects them with great care (clays, kaolin, feldspars, silicate, etc.) Indeed, everything is important in the production of high quality products that bring together utility and beauty. The clay for their Stoneware is refined, filtered, pressed and rolled with a great deal of care. The beauty of the final product will depend on the initial quality and texture of the clay.